Hi! I'm Amanda and I’m almost always in my kitchen baking. Here’s a few extra tidbits:
  • I am a former corporate trainer, turned home baker.
  • Most of my cake designs are inspired by words or colors. I'm not a fan of recreating another person's design, but I draw a lot of inspiration from other bakers.
  • I am a nerd. I research everything....Why should I use cake flour instead of AP? Salted v. Unsalted butter? How tall was Jesus?
  • I’m usually wearing a pencil skirt, graphic t-shirt, messy bun, headphones, and powdered sugar.
  • I’m a lazy perfectionist. Mostly perfectionist....but I procrastinate.
  • I stay up late and wake up early. If I can get 4-6 hours of sleep, I’m good! My husband says it’s my super power.
  • I have been married to my husband for 15 years and together, we have 3 children.
  • My ultimate baking dream would be to move to strictly wedding cakes, but I’m enjoying the process!!